Hello, internet! I'm a random, single mom who loves yuri, yaoi, bishounen, body positivity, sushi, gaming, crafts, comics, and funny things! I'm also a writer.
On the less random, more serious, side of things: I am a cis woman. I am a firm supporter of QUILTBAG.
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Portable Nightlight Spheres

Do away with your old nightlights. These portable nightlight spheres can be brought into bed, or carried through your dark house on the way to find a midnight snack. Sold on Amazon.

I…. I would really like this it would make my terrified stumblings through the dark house cuter AND less horrifying without having to hold up my phone like in a horror movie.
What monster is going to kill a guy with a glowing ball of light?

I want these for my son when he gets a bit older… :3